The Temperance Movement in Licking County
Notices to All Liquor Dealers
ca. 1875—1905
Newark City Clerk of Council
letters and lists, filed with the Newark City Clerk of Council's Office, enjoining dealers, vendors, saloon keepers, etc. to not sell or give intoxicating drinks to certain persons; some items have filing dates written upon them

according to several items, a "Blacklist" was kept by the Office, as far back as the 1870's, of persons to whom liquor should not be sold; this might be the same as the Register of Liquor Notices, 2011—11—13; see also description of bound pages below

a few items are requests for names to be withdrawn from the Blacklist

several loose items, dated 1895—1903, indicate that these notices were made according to Section 4258 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio

bound pages include notices dated 1890—1898, with heading "Notice to all Liquor Dealers: Pursuant to the laws of Ohio Sections 4357—4358—4359 and 4360 of the revised Statutes you are hereby notified not to sell intoxicating liquors to any person named in the following list from and after ten days from date of such notice as recorded below."

some loose items are on stationery of the City Clerk

cover also indicates "and Articles of Apprenticeship;" one loose item lists namers of persons, along with "glass blower [?]"

also includes what appear to be unrelated notes on last bound page, and unrelated calculations on loose sheets
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Request by a father to not serve his son alcoholRequest by a father to not serve his son alcohol