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Find current location or search for Auditor's Pin Number, Address or Owner's Name.

* Find a parcel by address, type the beginning of the address into the search bar, and click on the parcel you want to view.

When searching by address, use abbreviations for directions and road type - without periods.

For example, a search for "Fifty-One North Sixty-Fourth Street" would return no results, but a search for "51 N 64th St" would return a correct result.

* To find a parcel by name, use "<lastname>, <firstname>" format.

Be sure to include a space after the comma following the last name. For example, to find a property owned by John Doe, type "Doe, John" in the search bar, then click on the result from the list that appears.

You can also search by first name if necessary.

* To find a parcel by Auditor's PIN, simply type the Auditor's PIN in the search bar without spaces, or use the format of <000-000000-00.000> and click the result from the list.

**See the Help document if you are just getting started.


Total Parcel(s) affected: 30