Licking County Government Employment Application Information

For a list of current job positions (Click Here).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only accept applications for currently open job positions. Applicants must submit a separate application form for each job position.

Applicants may submit a resume and cover letter with the application; however, a resume alone is not sufficient to consider an individual as an applicant. We have altered the application slightly. If you downloaded an application prior to May 7, 2003, you will need to download the new application.

Submitting An Employment Application:

Download or print the application form below and complete the entire application. ( IMPORTANT: Make Sure to Save All Changes to the Document When Filling it out Before Submitting )

Click Here To Download The Application

Filling out by hand:

Download and load the above pdf in a browser or pdf viewer and simply print the document. This application form can also be obtained in person at the Licking County Human Resources Department at the below mailing address.

Before submitting the document, make sure it is legible and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Filling out the application from a computer:

You will need a pdf reader that supports fillable forms. If you are unable to type in the highlighted text fields or do not see the highlighted text fields, you will need to download a supported pdf reader.

Adobe Reader is a popular and supported free reader that you can download (here) - Before Downloading: For just the Adobe Installation please uncheck all optional offers.

Make sure to save any new entries when filling out the form with a pdf reader, failure to do so will result in a loss of entered information.

Mailing or delivering the application directly to our office:

Please deliver to the following address.

Licking County Human Resources
20 South Second Street - 3rd Floor
Newark, Ohio, 43055

Online Submittal Procedures:

Once the application is completely filled out, it can be submitted electronically through the online form on this page. Handwritten applications will need to be scanned in as a pdf document for uploading. You may drag the files onto the upload buttons or browse out to the files. This file upload accepts the following file types: ( txt, .rtf, doc, dot, docx, dotx, odt, pdf, gif, jpg, png, svg, webp )

Application Submission:

I certify that the information submitted is complete and accurate to the best of my abilities. Failure to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information on any documents submitted will be grounds to deny or withdraw the application, and could result in later termination if job is awarded.